At Googlelle, I share Android related articles, personal opinions, thoughts, fun posts, life-related matters and much more. My views are my own and I love funny, lol things.

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My Story:

Software engineer from India, I love to create mobile applications for Android.  I work alone and do my projects on my own from start to finish. I google my doubts, questions, errors and most of the time I land with my solution on stackoverflow. Kudos to netizens. I focus mainly on utility apps which I think aren't made. I started as a mediocre app developer and is constantly working to make my apps as well designed and polished as possible. Learning never stops and Android is so vast that there's no such thing as knowing it all. I get stuck all he time, sometimes even for days. Persistence and patience is the key. Be a slow and smart learner. Be cool and keep chilling.

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