GRE Test Experience: whatta Verbal that was!

GRE General Test:

This is my first post regarding my Masters admission for the next year. I am a Computer Science graduate and I finally made my mind to do Master’s abroad next year. My country-wise preferences for college admissions are mainly US, Canada and Germany.

I want to target the universities that can fund my masters program, because financially my profile is not strong. Being a middle class International applicant student, I have to narrow my choices really well according to my finances.

Mandatory requirements by universities from international applicants are:

  1. GRE General Exam(Score requirement varies, generally 300+ out of 340)
  2. TOEFL  iBT(Score requirement varies, generally 90+ out of 120)
    OR IELTS(requirement varies)

These two exams are important for International applicants and a good score increases your chances of getting a Research/Teaching Assistant-ships from the professors. Though a low score in GRE or TOEFL is not the sole parameter to selection, they just ensures your eligibility for a particular program. A low score should be well compensated with  strong SOP(Statement of Purpose), LOR(Letters Of Recommendation). 

GRE General Exam is conducted by ETS to test the general knowledge and aptitude of a candidate that is required by the Universities around the world for International applicants. This eligibility criteria helps in short listing of candidates and different universities have different requirements.

I live in Crossings Republic, Ghaziabad and nearest GRE was in Delhi but those are coaching institutes which are not well maintained and any problems in the equipment there could be your loss. There is one official test center in Gurugram: Prometric Test Center which conducts mostly all ETS exams and are professional in their work and you’ll see the difference once you go there and that’s my advice for you all aspirants. This is the complete address of the center:

Prometric Testing Private Limited
Test Center Address
Iris Tech Park, Tower A, 2nd Floor,
Sector 48 Sohna Road


So, I gave my GRE General exam on 8th August, 2017 10:00 AM batch, and I was really confident in acing it the first time. Though, it went well and in the end I was really nervous about my scores. At the end of the test my scores were: Quant 154, Verbal 145. It was a bad attempt it seemed at the time and I was pretty upset about it because its an expensive exam and all the way back to my home I couldn’t think about anything else. I didn’t have the guts to tell my parents that I failed it pathetically and all that money is wasted. Yesterday, I received my AWA which was 3.0, made my day worse. That all makes you kind of loser in your parent’s eyes.

Total cost of the exam: $205(roughly Rs. 13512.00)

Based on my scores I can get admissions in some universities but it can set me back my fairer margins and in the long run this step could be detrimental.

My advice to all the candidates reading this would be to prepare really well and follow Manhattan GRE books which I didn’t follow. Learn a lesson from my advice, I used Kaplan, Magoosh. Follow the right path to study, don’t just learn everything bring it to your practice. Study hard and ace it.

I have TOEFL test scheduled for next month, and I will about it as well, I am working on it.

I wish very best for GRE exam takers, relax and ace it.

See you again, Folks.

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