GRE Test Day: How to prepare?

GRE Test Day Preparation

My GRE General exam was on 8th August, 2017 at 10AM. I was very psyched about what things you can carry and what not. I chose Prometric GRE test center in Gurugram which is official GRE test center and are very professional in what they do and I know it now better. Guess it was a paid experience of me that I am writing for you.

Test Centers in Delhi/NCR

Always choose the official test center for reasons listed below. In India, Prometric Test Centers are well professional in their conduct. The complete address of the center:

Prometric Testing Private Limited
Test Center Address
Iris Tech Park, Tower A, 2nd Floor,
Sector 48 Sohna Road

Things Required:

  1. Original ID Proof: Only Passport for Indians
  2. Hard-Copy or print-out of the appointment confirmation email
  3. Some light food items and medicines if any medical case
  4. That’s pretty much it, no pen/pencil nothing

Test Center  Step by Step Process: 

  1. As you will enter the test center you will see a reception area and there you will have to show your Passport and email printout.
  2. They make you sign on your entry on the list, sign it.
  3. They assign you key to your locker to keep your things you are carrying
  4. Keep your bag, phone, handkerchief, cash, debit/credit/metro cards, keys in your locker
  5. Clear your pockets and empty them, nothing is allowed in the lab except Passport and locker key
  6. For any food items, juice, medicine that you wish to use in 2 hours break, you are required to take out of locker and put on the desk in the front of the room
  7. Locker cannot be accessed in the break time, washrooms and water coolers will be available and you can see them in the room
  8. Then you will be handed a form, fill it out, drink water and use washroom if you want
  9. Wait for the center guys to give brief instructions and then they begin lab entry in pairs of 5 people
  10. As you enter next room, they will do security check as usual but in a professional way
  11. They hand you over scratch paper and two sharpened pencils, and assign you computer
  12. Get to the assigned computer seat, and then begin the test

Use noise cancelling headphones if you like, because first GRE section is AWA you will hear lot of keyboard noise. Any Query just raise your hand, the lab person will attend you. Its easy and nothing to worry about, I know so many steps could be too much. Leave the exam center as test gets over, don’t worry if you score less there’s always a next time as in my case, I got Q:154, V:145, AWA:3.0 kinda low scores but that;s what it is.

FAQs about the GRE test center:

Q.1: Can we carry water bottles?

A: Yes you can carry water bottles or juices for break time.

Q2: Can we carry mobile phones?

A: Yes, phones are allowed but you will put everything in your locker.

Q3: How much total time you spend for the test?

A: At max you will spend around 4.5 hours but this could vary.

Q4: Bring books to the center?

A: No point in bringing books to the center, they will make you put your stuff in locker. 

Q5: Is the test center really worth going through a lot of travel, in terms of experience?

A: Yes, the test center is fully professional in their work, and its very well maintained, washroom facilities, watercooler for Hot/Cold water, cleanliness, locker system. This is my personal opinion, and I am in no way associated with the test center.

Well, the article above covered pretty much all about the test center and how to give a test here step-wise. 

My advice to all would be to give test in the official test centers to have overall well and professional experience. These are for TOEFL iBT/ GRE and other ETS tests. All the best and my wishes to you all for the big GRE day.

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See you, Folks.

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