TOEFL Exam Tips: Gurugram Prometric Center

I gave my GRE General exam last month on 8th August, 2017 and its a day I will never forget. My score were below average and it did gave me few lessons to learn in life. I do not regret my failure but I do certainly feel bad for my parent’s money wasted. I feel I could’ve done better, and that’s what I am thinking of doing. But first, I am gonna go for TOEFL and then I may give GRE again.

TOEFL is mandatory for all universities in USA, Canada and mostly everywhere out of India. Its a costly exam as well costing around $175 but its doable if you are associated with English in your everyday life in some ways. 

TOEFL exam is already booked for 9th September, 2017 at 10 AM. I have chosen Prometric Testing center in Gurugram for the TOEFL because their moral conduct is professional and ethical, and having given the GRE at this center I have faith in them and there will be no dis-conduct entertained at the center. They are standard & authorized test center groups all over India and based on my own and everybody’s experience I have heard and read, they are reliable and professional.

Word of caution: I am in no way associated with this Test center, these words are my own from one student to other.

My TOEFL Preparation:

  • For the Reading section, I am practicing online and with the free sample TOEFL tests, and there are official test Sampler from ETS which I have referred. Learned tricks to combat reading section and question types generally there. I am following Joseph’s lectures from Notefull for the Reading Section. They are relevant, concise and brevity of the notes makes it easy to understand.
  • For the Listening Section, I am comfortable already with English listening and understanding, although the test requires great note taking skills from the student. I followed Notefull’s videos about the listening section and they are going great so far. One word of advice: not everything spoken in the lecture is useful, try to take down information that’s relevant and necessary. Also, use shortcuts to note down words, use abbreviations, acronyms and symbols wherever necessary. Here’s a screenshot from English instructor ADAM’s YouTube video to assist and understand this better:

Googlelle TOEFL

  • For Speaking Section, I am referring to Notefull’s techniques by Joseph only to frame and formulate my answers as per a well defined template which creates contentful and relevant answers. Remember, adhere to the template and lots of practice is necessary to master this section and make sure you get at least 25+ in your Speaking Section.
  • For Writing Section, Notefull has great structure to answer Question 1 with a well structured template that reveals a consistent and to the point essays. You need to practice at least writing at least 2 essays a day to fully grasp and memorize the structure laid out by Joseph.

Check out for TOEFL Notefull Guides.

At last, I would say you got to practice reading, listening, speaking and writing everyday because these are endemic habits and are accrued over the years of your learning experience. These cannot be mastered overnight following some guidelines and nobody can hep you in that case. Try to work upon your skills and make sure you know your weaknesses and strong points.


I live in Crossing Republic, Ghaziabad, its about 37 kms away from the exam center. MY schedule for my GRE was:

  1. Wake up at 4:30 AM, get ready by 5:45 AM and take an auto for metro at 6 AM
  2. I couldn’t get auto, it was early I guess, I called for Ola and for rupees 200 I reached in about 25 minutes
  3. Took a metro and I reached HUDA City Center at 8:35 AM, from there took an Ola Pool cab which was 20 minutes away and then took around 25 minutes to reach Prometric center. I entered the center at around 9:40 AM
  4. Put my stuff in locker, collected and filled the form
  5. Entered the Lab for Exam

Well, this time its gonna be pretty much same and I hope all goes best and good this time. I will post regularly my material here, I wish the test takers very best and I hope you do the same for me. Stay subscribed, more content is coming.

Cheers and Peace.

Rishabh Agrawal

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